Webelos dens are for Scouts who have completed third grade (or reached age 10). Webelos Scouts get to work on the five required Webelos adventures and choose two of the 18 elective adventures that are shared by the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks.

When a Scout has done the requirements for an adventure, the Webelos den leader, rather than a parent, approves most of the adventures. For each adventure a Scout completes, a pin to be worn on the Webelos colors or on hat is awarded. After completing seven adventures, including five required adventures and two elective adventures, a Scout can receive the Webelos badge.

After earning the Webelos badge, a Webelos Scout can work on the remaining 18 shared Webelos and Arrow of Light electives until finished with the fifth grade (or turning 11 years old). The Scout can choose elective adventures and discover new hobbies or learn skills that will be useful during the Scouting adventure. When completing an elective adventure, an additional adventure pin to be worn on the Webelos colors or on the hat is awarded.

Den Leaders

John Doe

John Doe