The Tiger rank is for Scouts who are in first grade or are age 7. To earn the Tiger badge, a Scout must complete six required adventures with the den or family and one elective adventure of the den or family’s choosing. As the Scout completes each adventure, he or she will receive the adventure loop for that adventure, which he can wear on the belt. When the Scout has completed the seven required adventures, he or she can receive the Tiger badge. The Tiger badge is given to the Scout’s adult parent or guardian at a pack meeting. Then, during a grand ceremony, the adult gives the badge to the boy.

After earning the Tiger badge, a Tiger Scout can work on the remaining 12 Tiger electives until finishing the first grade (or turning 8 years old). The Tiger Scout can choose elective adventures and discover new hobbies or learn skills that will be useful during the Scouting adventure. When an elective adventure is completed, an additional adventure loop to be worn on the belt is awarded.

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