Pinewood Derby

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Become one of the millions of Cub Scouts who have been building and racing Pinewood Derby® cars since 1953. Partnered with a parent or adult mentor, Cub Scouts work together, strengthening bonds and building confidence – and their own custom race cars! They begin by choosing a car design, then carve it out and detail it with paint, decals and other accessories, and perfect strategies to compete in their pack’s own Pinewood Derby. It’s s a wonderful learning experience centered on teamwork, ingenuity and sportsmanship – all for the thrill of the race and a lifetime of great memories to share with fellow racers young and old.

Pinewood Derby 101

You’ve asked for it, this year at the January Pack meeting we will offer a Pinewood Derby 101 class for parents and scouts.  Tips, tricks, Q&A and more information regarding our pinewood derby and the rules.