Common Questions about our Pack

When are Meetings?

We meet Wednesday evenings from 6:45-8:00 at WES (Woodridge Elementary School (unless there is a special activity that evening at a different location i.e. hiking at a local hike trail).  Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from meetings.

What is the difference between a Pack and Den?

Our entire group is called our “Pack”. Within our Pack we have “Dens”. Each Den is a different grade level i.e. kindergarten, first, grade, etc.

Kindergarten = Lions

1st Grade = Tigers

2nd Grade = Wolves

3rd Grade = Bears

4th Grade = Webelos

5th Grade = Arrow of Light or AOL

What is my responsibility as a parent?

Parents with scouts in kindergarten and first grade are required to attend and take part in every Pack and Den meeting and event.  Older Scouts, while it isn’t required you be there, it is strongly encouraged as you can watch, help and grow with your Scout as they grow, it is a great bonding experience and one the Scouts will never forget.

Who is in charge of everything?

This is a multi answer question, we are chartered by the Woodridge Elementary PTO.

A group of volunteers known as a committee helps to run the Pack, Committee members are parents, we meet the 1st Thursday of every month at Market District upstairs.  We are always looking for new committee members.

The overall of the Pack is ran by the Cubmaster.

Each Den has different Den Leader(s). Each grade level learns different skills and/or different depths of skills.

Where do I get a uniform?

We wear uniforms that parents purchase at the Scout store on Hudson Dr. or Kamper City on old route 8. You can also use a “hand me down” uniform if you can get one!  Try asking friends, checking a local thrift store, etc. Your troop will provide you with the 3171 number patch to add to your uniform. Other patches and belt loops must be earned by the scouts completing certain activities/requirements.

Every pack has different requirement for uniforms, Pack 3171’s uniform requirements are:

  • Uniform shirt with the required patches
  • Neckerchief & Slide
  • *Belt is optional but all the Adventure belt loops fit the belt perfectly and allow the scouts to show off their awards
  • *Hat is optional

How much is all the awesomeness going to cost?

A registration fee of $65 must be paid each new school year. This fee goes directly to Scouts of America and pays for your child’s insurance while taking part in scout activities. Scout monthly magazine is an additional $12 for your child, it is optional.

Scout yearly dues are $125 for the first child and $75 for the second (or more) child. These are completely separate than the registration fee.  If you are making payments to pay dues, you must pay these dues by our spring camp out date.  These dues pay for ALL of the pack activities, awards and adventures that you and your child take part in during the entire scout year!

Is there a way to offset the dues?

Our fall popcorn fundraising sale begins soon. If you sell $375 (3x yearly dues) worth of popcorn you do not have to pay your child’s yearly dues, or if you have multiple children add your total dues and multiply by 3.    However, you do not have to sell any popcorn if you do not want to.  You can simply pay the dues outright.